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Thomas A. Hart 

Prior to staring The Law Office of Thomas Hart, Mr. Hart was a partner at two major law firms, Holland & Knight and Baker & Hosteler, and continued to practice law through numerous other affiliations. He is the founder and president of On The Potomac Production, a media company that has produced seminal documentaries such as, MLK: The Making of a Holiday and James Brown: The Man, The Music & The Message.

Thomas Hart is a graduate of Brown University and Georgetown University Law. He is an attorney, entrepreneur, investor, and a lobbyist for international and domestic infrastructure projects, particularly in the transportation and telecommunications sectors.

He is President of Rail Forward and a Founder of the U.S. High Speed Rail Association (USHSR), where he formerly served as Vice President of Government Affairs and General Counsel. During that time he testified before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on four different occasions.

In 2010, Mr. Hart spent two weeks in China where he had the opportunity to ride true high-speed passenger trains and forge agreements with Asian firms bidding on high-speed rail projects in the United States. In May 2012, Mr. Hart wrote an opinion piece for Politico entitled “High Speed Rail's Many Benefits” where he stated “[t]he U.S. needs modern public transportation not dependent on oil or traffic patterns.”

Mr. Hart is also an adviser in telecommunications. He helped draft the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and served for eight years as Vice Chairman of the Telecommunications Development Fund, which was created by the Act. He has been highly involved in some of the most innovative technologies and critical issues of the time, such as helping to develop national policies for UHF TV and FM radio stations in the 1970s, cellular phones in the 1980s, and satellite radio and the internet in the 1990s. He was honored as one of the Top 10 Telecom Attorneys by the National Bar Association and Industry Standard magazine described him as an “Architect of the Internet.”

In his leisure time, Mr. Hart enjoys producing and syndicating television programs, documentaries, and instructional videos. He also supports Camp Hart, a nonprofit organization founded by his father, Thomas Hart, Sr. that teaches inner city children athletics, scholastics and wellness. He likes to spend time with his family, his three children and his lovely wife Norma Hart.